Monday, July 30, 2018

Not all learning is the 3 r’s… … Just as valuable is the Outdoor classroom

Kids are learning machines...Teach Them About The Wild  Atchafalaya

Mother Nature is the best teacher and getting kids outside to learn and play is good for their brains and their bodies. 

Survey  data says that the impact of changing lifestyles, urbanization and the commercialization of children’s activities, that  children today are spending nearly 8 hours a day using some  form of electronic entertainment media.  Only 6 percent of children ages 9-13 play outside on their own.

This was not a problem when I was raising my children, ie.,  smart phones and  the internet did not exist as it does today

We are at risk of losing an entire generation’s appreciation for how nature and the outdoors  works. When I say outdoor skill I am talking hunting and fishing, and a variety of wildlife related  activities. 

I believe  being in the outdoors is critical  to developing observation skills, building  confidence and problem  solving. Hunting and fishing are a part of the Atchafalaya  and  Bayou Pigeon heritage. 

I am determined  that I am going to teach my grandchildren… about the  Heritage of the Atchafalaya, their  Grandparents heritage...

Besides I have always been happier when I am in the  woods… 

Also , I am concerned that outdoor  activities  and natural heritage being taught in the  school classroom, is biased  against Hunting and  focuses on environmental  activism and political  correctness.

Ms. Patricia  Settoon of Bayou Pigeon, certified  teacher,  copy  editor of the Bayou Pigeon book is constantly reminding me... a good teacher challenges, inspires, encourages, is patient, avoids bad mannerisms, speaks clearly and distinctly, uses plain  spoken language.  

With that advice in mind...

Enjoy this little outing on the  'Spirit of the Atchafalaya' from May 28, 2018... 

Paw- paws Chasseur  Cocodrie boat 

The students, Brody Rivet and Brady LeGrange

1st  Lesson

Our Lady of the  Atchafalaya - Little Bayou Pigeon - Big Bayou Pigeon Confluence

Honor ... Our  Lady Queen of Peace and Patron of  Bayou Pigeon...Guide us from unseen underwater logs, stumps, and pilings. Keep the waters clean so Gods creatures can swim, fly and jump. Bless us all who view fish and hunt in these waters.

2 nd  lesson - A stop at the The Tree of Knowledge... 
The most famous cypress tree on Little  Bayou Pigeon

3 rd lesson - Catching  Catfish  during Spawning period

Brady taking his turn...

Brody taking his turn

Our catch...  nice channel cats 

 Lagniappe...the boys get to meet a real deal, 
full time  commercial fisherman Mr. Stud  Gros and his helper of Pierre Part, La.

Channel Cats  and Buffalo Carp

Lesson 5 - Elephant ear leaves and blooms...make good umbrellas and  flowers  for mama

Lesson 6 ... At the houseboat...What's that ?
Learning about  old fashioned shallow  well pitcher pump...

Lesson 7  Living museum ... visiting a prehistoric Indian  shell  midden ... They  found the  Atchafalaya  before it was  discovered ... Finding a 1000 year pottery shard  ...

Lesson 8 - Kilroy  was  here... at the Southern Natural Pipeline  at Big Bayou Pigeon and  so were Brady and Brody,  May 28 2018

The fun stops  at the processing shed...

But the results are tasty...give a man fish and feed  him for a day... teach him how to fish and  feed  for life... 

Readers... now it's your turn  to teach  someone  about the  Atchafalya ... preserve the heritage...

Cliff LeGrange 
225 776 2686