Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Bayou Pigeon, LA - Spirit of the Atchafalaya" - Bicentennial Edition

Bi Centennial Edition - Bayou Pigeon, LA.  Spirit of the Atchfalaya

"Bayou Pigeon, LA - Spirit of the Atchafalaya" - Bronze Medal Winner: Independent Publisher Book Awards 2012

After the first printing of our book we received beau coup feedback about the book, and it was 99.9% positive.  Literally, the book brought many people to tears!  We sold all 1000 copies in six months. Accolades poured in from around the country, not just Louisiana and / or the Bayou Pigeon Area. Our book won a national book writing award.

We received many, many additional requests for the book. We were still awe of the response to the book.  When we started the project as authors, we questioned ourselves whether we could sell 250 to 500 books.  Wow, we totally underestimated how many really have fond memories of / about Bayou Pigeon!

One year after the first printing and long after all the first printing of the books was gone, by the Grace of God, we found a way to do a second printing.

Note:  When a non-fiction book is first published it is normal that it will generate more research / interest on the topic.  Inevitably that will elicit / facilitate reader comments and some error corrections. 

Sometimes the author/s may find that in the light of the new information any second printing should be revised and / or updated. Thus, the new printing edition will be different from the earlier one and will therefore be a ‘new’ edition.  Sometimes Years may pass between the two editions. This is exactly the story behind the current Bayou Pigeon book available on the web site.

For the record, a “first edition" per se is not necessarily a more valuable collectible book.  The second printing of our book is the book we always wanted to print.  There is no way we could have had the where with all to do the Bi Centennial Edition (as we call the second printing), without going through the first printing.

Thus the buyers of the Bi Centennial edition get the benefits of a steep learning curve the co authors received after the first printing.

Thus, a better book.

5 New Bicentennial Page , eliminated Dedication page
6 Additional endorsements
8 Misc. Additional acknowledgements, omission corrections, spelling
12 picture acknowledgement
20 picture acknowledgement
23 picture acknowledgement
24 picture acknowledgement
27 picture acknowledgement
30 picture acknowledgement
41 Caption correction
59 Caption correction
63 Added Sub title
68 Caption correction
69 Caption correction
75 Added Sub title correction and spelling of Mitcheltree
78 Addition of 1860 sugar Census index
101 New picture and caption
102 Added Sub title , picture caption
106 Name addition
107 Text clarification
111 Added Sub title
113 Added Sub title
114 Added Sub title
115 Added sub title and new picture and caption
117 Added sub title
127 Added new picture and caption
148 Added new Picture and  acknowledgement
149 Added Picture acknowledgement
152 Caption correction
156 Added  new Picture
159 Added sub title
166 Added sub title
168 Text box correction
169 Added sub title
170 Made year correction in picture
171 Added new Picture
173 Caption correction
177 Added sub title
186 Added Fur trapping clarification
195 Added Sylvia Marioneaux paragraph
197 Text clarification
198 Removed  callout ….houseboat alley from Stan Routh illustration
205 Added picture acknowledgement
213 Caption clarification
219 Added Sub title
247 name spelling corrections
260 name spelling corrections
265 Added sub title, name corrections
269 Added sub title
270 New Picture addition
274 picture correction
281 name spelling corrections
282 name spelling corrections
299 name spelling corrections
301 new picture addition and caption
306 nickname spelling
307 nickname spelling
313 picture acknowledgement
330 Caption clarification
331 Caption clarification
332 Caption clarification
333 subtitle
334 name addition from unknown to proper identification
338 caption clarification
355 name spelling correction
392 picture acknowledgement
393 picture acknowledgement and clarification
406 sub title clarification
426 removal of sentence about altar boy and  church boat
433 Father Joey  name spelling correction
445 Text clarifications
446 Text clarifications
447 Text clarifications and picture addition
448 Text clarifications and picture addition
449 Text clarifications
463 picture caption corrections
468 name spelling correction
473 name spelling correction
481 name spelling correction
488 text clarification
498 Genealogy correction
506 name spelling correction
507 name correction and name spelling correction
523 Genealogy correction
526 name clarification
528 punctuation change
535 name corrections
541 text clarification
542 picture identifications
543 correction of where Sabin Landry is buried
547 picture caption corrections
550 new picture and caption
604 caption correction and omissions
606 New picture of Willie Dupree
611 Picture caption...omission corrected
616 Picture move
619 Picture moves
625 Picture name correction
628 New picture addition
630 New picture addition
631 New picture addition
663 New map and picture caption
688 index
689 index
690 index
691 index
692 index
695 index

In addition to being as big, bold and beautiful as the first printing, this book has a beautiful hard book cover, simulated leather /Alligator Skin. It has Smyth sewn in pages and is bounded to ASTM library standards.  For ease of finding relatives a 2000 noun index to look up names, places etc.

It is truly the book we wanted to make available to all who love Bayou Pigeon. I sincerely pray that all who want one are able to get one.

This new book is a handful, but a good handful!

On behalf of our team, enjoy...

 -Chachie of the Atchafalaya

Chachie with a copy of "Bayou Pigeon, LA - Spirit of the Atchafalaya" - Bicentennial Edition

Chachie with a copy of "Bayou Pigeon, LA - Spirit of the Atchafalaya" - Bicentennial Edition


  1. Keep up the good work Chachie - I love learning about the Basin. It has a history that most of us don't know and if we don't secure what we know now it will get lost. Who knows how much has been lost.

  2. Wow, this is great! You research is very thorough! Thanks!