Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Mature Lake, Blazing Beauty, Old Cypress Trees and Spanish Moss

By Cliff LeGrange 

Recently I made a  trip  with  my friend Grady Robinson to his Camp at Stephenville, LA.for some Cat-fishing...

We arrived on a Wednesday evening around 5 P.M.  Instead of just sitting on the fishing pier and taking in the sunset  from his camp site we decided unplanned, on the spur of the moment to make a late evening ride from Grady ‘s Camp on  old Bayou Long to Lake Verret.  I had not been in that area for a number of years and I wanted to go check out the Lake and  Shell Beach.

Not well known by a lot of our 'book' friends, Bayou Pigeon Book  Co - Author  Adam Landry and I have a special Voisinage with Lake Verret.  That is the Solar family of Bayou Pigeon, they are originally from Lake Verret...  For me that Voisinage would be family connection… ie., that would be my Cajun bride, Diane Solar. For Adam's it is his half - brother Reuben Solar (son of Everett Solar and his mother Vivian Hebert Landry Solar,  second marriage). Reuben and Diane have the same grandfather, Casimir Solar, who originally hailed from Shell Beach on Lake Verret. Reuben owns property at Shell Beach on Lake Verret, to this day

For those  not familiar with Stephenville, LA. it is south of  Lake Verret, but north of Morgan City.

It is a short ride  from Grady's Camp to Lake Verret via old Bayou Long and Bayou Magazille. 

When we got on the Lake, I knew there  was something special about being there at that time, not a boat visible on the lake... just after a thunderstorm...calm waters and an incredible sunset coming. I was thinking... just great, no camera, nothing but my Galaxy S-5 smart phone...

We headed to a point of  cypress trees ahead of us on the right.

My Co author... Of the Bayou Pigeon book… Adam Landry called  these  photos… 

 A Mature lake, Incredible Blazing Beauty, old Cypress Trees and Spanish moss... here are those pictures....

Blazing Cypress Beauty 1

Blazing Cypress Beauty 2

Incredible Blazing Cypress Beauty

Old Cypress Trees 1

Old Cypress Trees 2

Legend of the  Spanish Moss

Lake Verret and The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area  

Yours to Explore !

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