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 Mr Floyd (Cubbie) Landry & His Wife Mamoo

Ms. Amy T Landry Denehy lives at Bayou Pigeon and is now a one of our active members of the Bayou Pigeon Heritage Association. 

Many members of the Bayou Pigeon Heritage Association may not know where the deep ties to Bayou Pigeon come from.

This is that story.

Floyd (Cubbie) Landry was original from White Castle, La. he was the owner with his brother Lucien of Landry Glass in Brusly, LA. 

Cubbie established his first camp Bayou Pigeon in 1954.

The first camp was an old Baton Rouge city bus remodeled and brought to Bayou Pigeon. 

They added on to it in 1956,

This was before the existing pontoon bridge was built. In the era of the Bayou Pigeon ferry. 

Sometime around 1963 they built a brick veneer camp.  Some people say that was the first brick house at Bayou Pigeon.

Mr. Cubbie, (like most campers back in the day) had two close friends who were native born Bayou Pigeon residents who looked out for him. It was quite common back in the day for the native Bayou Pigeon Cajun folk to strike up close friendships with campers.

Mr. Edmond Berthelot who ran the store front at Bayou Pigeon and Mr.  Monroe Settoon who lived directly across Grand River from Cubbie’s Camp.  

Cubbie had a running account there where the Landry kids could go to the store and get supplies.

Mr. Cubbie  could be seen coming around Mr. Edmond’s crawfish dock every weekend during crawfish season.  Where he would always pick out the two crawfish sacks with the biggest crawfish.  Even when Mr. Edmond wasn’t there,  he would pay for it when paid his bill.

Amy T says another good  friend  of Mr. Cubbie was  Mr. Clevin (aka., Mustache) Berthelot.  He always would get freshwater crabs in season.

Alex Landry, Mr. Cubbie oldest son says he remembers Mr. Monroe would transport the Landry’s from west side of Grand River to the east side before the Pontoon Bridge was built.

Amy T tells the story of her brothers helping her mom (Mamoo) up the old high levee of Hwy 75 before it was paved, to go to church at Pigeon on Sundays.

By far, what Mr. Cubbie was known for at Bayou Pigeon was his 1967 Speed -Liner boat.  It was the fastest boat at Bayou Pigeon. It was a mahogany wood boat he always kept it in tip top condition.  It was the custom-built boat of the 1960’s.

Cubbie Landry & at the wheel of the Speedliner

Alex Landry says Mr. Cubbie and family spent a many Sunday evening at the LeGrange's “End of the World’ Bar and Dancehall . Eating crawfish at the restaurant and / or on the picnic grounds.

Mr. Cubbie passed in 2003, but his legacy at Bayou Pigeon is carried on by Amy T and The Bayou Pigeon Heritage Association.

Preserve the Heritage !

Enjoy !

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